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Business Strategy


be the reference company for anyone who purchases tissue products


Conquering customer confidence through a business development model able to combine moral values, reliability, satisfaction and concreteness.


perceive, anticipate, distinguish and be appreciated

It is an ideal partner for every customer in the markets in which we operate.

Our mission is knowing how to create the best paper products for domestic and collective use in the market. Products easily distinguishable from all others in terms of quality, innovation, level of finishes, technology and convenience.

Core Values


    Pursuing corporate objectives by valuing all the people who work with us and protecting, without prejudice,

  • the personal and professional dignity of colleagues, customers and suppliers.

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  • professionalism

    To base our approach towards all the figures we rely on seriousness, competence and reliability.

  • We are certain that only through professionalism can the full and total satisfaction of the customer can be achieved.

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  • Innovation

    By continuously investing in cutting-edge technology, we transform

  • problems into solutions and this is one of our company's inimitable values. Through innovation, we can create concrete competitive advantages for our customers.

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  • Quality

    Always choose the best at all times. The best for us, the best for our staff, the best for our customers...

  • Only by choosing the best in every circumstance can a "complete" quality product be guaranteed. For us, the best is a company standard.

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  • Trust

    Guaranteeing all products, services and processes in order to retain the loyalty of those who work with us

  • convinced that only through trust can a secure and sustainable future be built. We look forward to tomorrow with optimism because we enjoy the trust of our customers.

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  • Global Service

    Offering a global service to our customers, putting the customer at the heart of our attention

  • and making his needs our own, becoming his point of reference. Fast delivery times, a wealth of assortment, graphic design and packaging are just a few of the services we provide, explaining better why the word service is used in our corporate brand.

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